Update Display, Changes with History

Objects that are dependent on other objects, such as sweeps or lofts from history linked curves, don’t update with internal previews from commands. So for example, rebuilding the curves below that create this loft. If you preview, you see the updated points pertaining the command, but the dependent stuff isn’t previewed.

Is this something that would be achieved with by developing a display conduit?

Just a thought, if it could be something people would want to see.

I’d say the display is not the hard part - the update to the dependent geometry does not happen until the current command ends- changing that to calculate everything in time for a preview might be be a challenge - there might be a whole chain of consequences to figure out on the fly. I don’t say it can’t be done but I’m guessing that it would not be a simple thing.


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Sure thing. Just a thought, it’s not something which I see as a weakness for not being there anyway. Maybe there are people who would find it useful.