Unwrapping Revolved Curves

When I unwrap a revolved curve I end up with this. Can I at some point do something to get something symmetric here?

Hi Marcus - constraining the UV editor rectangle to a square should help - is that what you mean?


Thank you, @pascal, I had to think about it for a few days…

I had made a texture that was as wide as the upper edge (1) is long and as high as the vertical edge (2) is long. When I now use Cylindrical Mapping what was a circle in/on the original PNG is too elliptic. (The black ‘circle’ is the mapped image in rendered mode and the red circle is a circle drawn in Rhino…)

So, the symmetric problem ‘happened’ while finding a better solution to a totally different problem on my own… Do you know how to make a circle more circular on such a shape when mapped to it?

Hi Marcus - can you post the object and the texture?



Of course…
Srf.3dm (66.3 KB)
Circle.png.zip (3.7 KB)

Hi Marcus - thanks, I see - the aspect ratio of the image is 3.72 and the aspect ratio of the mapping cylinder is 4.38. It is not perfect but if you add white to the image, left and right, to make it match the 4.38 aspect ratio, the circle is more correct.


That’s much better, thank you.