Unwrapping not working- pressing apply the texture disappears

Using Rhino 5 on Windows with Vray.
Clicked object.
Chose texture mapping
selected seams
Chose UV editor
Clicked "Use texture"
Chose texture
When I pressed apply the texture disappeared.
Why? Ugh.

Not a newby but I usually do not use Rhino for texture mapping.
I am also using Vray but I tried using the native renderer in Rhino also and it still did not work.

@Bill, the texture you´ve chosen in the UV editor is just for preview purposes to check how the mapping looks like. To see your render texture, assign a material texture either under Material / Texture or within the VRay material.


Thank you for your help. I changed the order in which I applied the texture. I applied a texture with Vray then went to the UV unwrap and UV editor. It worked this time. Thanks.