Unwrapped models revert to default texturing when changing view modes

I unwrap a model and apply a texture.
If I switch between my custom view mode (which uses the ambient setting) and vanilla rendered mode, models revert to their older surface textures. It even persisted in a saved document. I found rhino cures it if I move the object and undo or change the texture and undo.

It was disconcerting because many models suddenly had the improper texture mapping and I thought it was a texture mapping bug. But now that I know I thought I’d report it, not a showstopper but caused some time to track and thankfully it doesn’t stick. Still, it would be nice for it to not happen.

I use this attached custom view mode because it uses little resources for modeling in large files, I then switch to rendered view to look at the models.

RMRendered001.ini (13.5 KB)


It’s not clear to me how to reproduce this. Can you send a model to reproduce this behavior and the exact steps?
I downloaded your ini file, applied a texture to a unwrapped object in UVEditor mode, applied, then again UV editor, apply a different texture, switching between yours and the rendered mode, but nothing weird is happening.

Hi @Gijs

I don’t have a model off hand as I haven’t been using Rhino at this point in my projects. I’m rigging and animating so heavy blender, unreal, 3dcoat. But I’ll be back in Rhino in a few weeks and if I can pin it down I’ll post a model. I did fix it sometimes with an undo and redo or by switching view modes. I think it’s a gpu code issue seems I’m not the only one experiencing this.

I’ve also experienced what’s reported in this thread. The uv editor seems to have a few bugs along with viewmodes.

Cycles offsetting UV mapping - Rendering - McNeel Forum

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