Unwrap UV mesh edges

Hello everyone,
I’m unwrapping some UVs and while working with meshes I can use _un/weld to identify the edges, however now I need to select them in Unwrap tool and it’s a total pain - are there any tips and tricks for this? I’m afraid of splitting the mesh into few separates and mapping each one individually.


If I understand your problem, once in the UV unwrap tool, click on chain (in the command line) to loop each selection, then select an edge.

Also, maybe for comfort, i would turn the tris to quads.

Hello piem,

Chain forces me to confirm each following edge which is not good enough. :-/

Is there a simple way how to turn in into quads? QuadRemesh in Rhino WIP? These are furniture models downloaded from the internet, otherwise I would be using NURBS just for the sake of UV unwrapping.


yes: Quadrangulate_mesh in the mesh tools

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Thank you, I will test how it works asap.

try the new quadremesher tool in the v7 wip-