Unwrap Mesh method

I’d like to better understand how the Unwrap command in Rhino is executed behind the scenes, and whether it’s possible to achieve the same results in Rhinocommon.

I am familiar with the Mesh.SetTextureCoordinates method (using either Planar, Box, Cylinder, or Spherical TextureMapping settings) but have been unable to achieve the same results that the Rhino command produces. The native command does a far better job, for sure.

Can anyone shed light on this? Thanks!

@Jussi_Aaltonen something for you?

@dave_stasiuk I will check what is accessible already. There has been a request earlier to expose Unwrap for RHC: RH-58985 Add an Unwrap-equivalent method to RhinoCommon for use in Grasshopper

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Thanks for the information…having it exposed would be great, really smooth out our workflow. And it’s good to know there is some difference between the two. :slight_smile:

I noticed this was added in the latest version. Rhino 7 Service Release Candidate Available - #49 by brian

I gave it a quick go but I couldn’t get any results from it.

unwrapper = g.MeshUnwrapper(mesh);
unwrap = unwrapper.Unwrap(g.MeshUnwrapMethod.LSCM)
print len(mesh.TextureCoordinates)

len(mesh.TextureCoordinates) was still 0 after calling the Unwrap method. Are there any additional parameters that I need to set?