Unwanted slope of line caused by mystery value of 10 creeping in. Somewhere …

THE line (top, in red) is supposed to be level. It’s created between two points, but in the Right view above, the left end is a stubborn 10 units above the level of the right end. The black line drawn in Rhino (not GH) underneath is level; I put it there more easily to show the unwanted slope of the GH line.

Thus, the question is, how to get the GH-line level and where did those extra 10 units come from? Currently a mystery!

10 units ∆. causes unwanted slope! .3dm (31.4 KB)
test.gh (7.7 KB)


You must have somehow changed the z-value of the default motion vector from 1 to 10.


WELL, it certainly did change but I didn’t do it, at least not knowingly!

Bringing up an brand-new Move vector has this rogue “10” already entered, so it was obviously some kind of defaulting behaviour.

I see now that I can fix this by editing the “Manage Vector Collection” (the pop-up menu under the “T”.)

I still don’t know how that 10 got there, but you pointed me in the right direction to the fix.

Thank you.