Unwanted shift of brightness in Arctic view (Rhino 7)

Check the attached video. There is a significant shift in brightness while zooming in or out the camera, which basically makes the close-up views nearly unusable. Is there a way to lock the brightness to a constant amount not related to the distance to the objects, so that it will remain the same even when the camera is close to the geometry?

Also, at the end of the video you can see that there are some artifacts on the shading behind close-up geometry, which is very reminiscent of how the screen-space reflections in video games disappear behind other geometry.



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The Skylight shadows in Rhino, for some reason are tied to the target distance from the camera.
So what you are seeing here probably is the Space Navigator is automatically adjusting the target, hence this effect.
You can see if if you in the very same view change the target distance without changing the view - you should see the change in the shade intensity/radius as well.
I don’t have any solution to offer and I don’t think there is any, unless you manage to keep the target distance constant, just explaining where this is coming from…


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Yeah, the problem seems to be related to how far the object is from the camera, or the center of rotation that adjusts its position automatically. When I go around a model closely and the camera is still moving (even if just by a tiny amount), the brightness remains like what it was from a far distance. However, at the moment I stop moving the camera, the brightness suddenly raises to extreme levels and makes everything nearly indistinguishable.