Unwanted Points after Move component

Help . I’m relatively a beginner in Grasshopper and points are being duplicated for some reason.

Looks like a data matching error. Would be easier to say if you upload the .gh file or at least a screen appears.

Thank you. Here’s the fileWall Louvers.gh (9.5 KB)
. Basically i was trying to do a facade louver

Basically this is what i’m trying to do. The problem is the multiple louvers on a single line

before you upload the file, right click on the surfaceand curve components and select ‘embed’ that way you will upload it with the actual geometry in it.

Or “internalize” if the UI language is English. :wink:

Perhaps you translated from Greek? :sunglasses:

// Rolf

Thanky you. Here is the embedded file

Wall Louvers.gh (15.5 KB)

hehe, that’s what I meant, I was doing something else when I answered and got confused.

As RIL said, I meant ‘internalize’ but you allready got that.
Your problem was that you tried to match a list of 24 entries with 6 lists of 4 entries. So I divided the big list into 6.
curtainwall.gh (16.9 KB)

Thank you so much!!!. I’ll try to understand more on things i got wrong. Not to be bothersome but, is it possible to replicate this louver algorithm without using the Lunchbox tools? Initially i tried this method but failed. It seems i have a lot to learn about data matching. Could you refer me to an online video specifically on matters i got wrong?

Thank you.

why don’t you extract the isocurves and extrude them?curtainwall.gh (9.3 KB)

Hi Aris. Thank you for your replies. Unfortunately my problem still persists because i wanted to reference the distance to which my points Move, to an attractor curve. Your solution solved my problem only if the points will move at a uniform distance. However, it doesn’t seem to work with an attractor curve. Below is the attached file of what i think the problem is. I apologize if i’m making mistakes, i am quite new to grasshopper.

Wall Louvers Problem.gh (18.6 KB)

Also i want to share my first trial of my algorithm. Seems to be working on the file below. I achieved a louver system that responds to a curve. Although, it may have some messy outputs.

Solved algorithm concerning Personal Louver 2.gh (21.5 KB)

right of the bat:
you seem eager to learn and that will make people help you. Have a look at this post though, and my advice is to go through it thoroughly. You will learn how to post and even a few things about GH itself.

Now, I’m sending you a definition of what I think you want to do.
tip: If you don’t know in which tab you can find a component, just press alt-ctrl-RMB and GH will show it to you.
louvers.gh (26.3 KB)

Thank you so much!! You’ve been extremely helpful. I’ll pay it forward and try to improve and help other people who ask questions :slight_smile: