Unwanted coloured speckles on high resolution images in Rhino 7

Hello there,
we have a reoccuring problem when trying to handle high resolution imagery in Rhino 7.
Once we open the images .tif file we encounter these different coloured ‘speckles’ when zooming in.
They also appear on PDF´s that are created through RhinoPDF.

The original image opend in IrfanView:

The same image opened in Rhino7

Is this problem known? And could anybody help us out on how we could solve it?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Hi -
Could you post a tiff file that shows this behavior?

Sure thing!
I uploaded it here for you:

is this correct? why so much dead space?

do you see the same behavior with .jpg or .png?

yeah this image is massive overkill. its 10675 x 49150
and it’s 2gb in rgba

our guess is rhino is trying to downsize this to something that can be loaded into your gpu vram and the compression causes these artifacts.

you should downsize this image to something reasonable and it will behave much better, or you need to get a much bigger video card.

unless you are doing something really esoteric, there is no reason to have an image this large.

Yeah, it actually is correct… I only uploaded the bottom part for upload size reasons. The dead space comes from the images true size which is what our customer specified.
We were just wondering why this behaviour happens on the technical site. But yeah, usually we dont have to go this big and therefore never encounterd this behaviour with our workflows.

Thanks for your answer!

@Scan3D_GmbH are you using an AMD GPU by any chance?

No, tried it out on two different setups with GTX 1080 and RTX 3060 with the same result.