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Hi. Recently mucking about with the Mplane command [without much success, yet] I find that a simple Move command somehow invokes a complete revision of all viewports. I can’t figure out what I did or how to get it back to regular behavior. Help appreciated here…

Here’s the file. ‘restored’ to original. Try moving the 11mm cylinder and the whole view layout goes crazy.

TrialLensMount3.3dm (93.8 KB)

Hi Chris- my guess is that you have Universal CPlanes set in Options > Modeling Aids, and you have an MPlane attched to the object you are moving. I find MPlanes easier to use and understand if the update is not set to Automatic when you make one- than you can update as needed but it does not happen all the time.

That said, I’m not sure what is going on in the file you posted, something seems amiss to me, I’ll dig in a little more.



That was it. Set back to Standard, and the move behavior returns to normal. Thanksmuch!
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Apparently it works!!

Hi Chris - So apparently you uncovered a bug in MPlanes where making an extrusion from a curve with an MPlane copies the MPlane info to the resulting object, and MPlane does quite not know it is there so you cannot remove it. What you could do to nuke the MPlane info from the cylinder is -Export it with SavePlugInData-No, delete the original and re-import the cylinder.



Attach a MPlane to ie. a box

Then, copying that box with what ever command is wanted ( Copy, array, gumball ) leads to the same behaviour, the MPlane will be attached to the last box instance without breaking the history relationship.

Interesting but unexpected behaviour.


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