Untrim works strange

Is this generally normal?
unnamed.gh (6.7 KB)


Default scale factor “F” of [Scale] component is 0.5
Everything is doing what is supposed to do.
What are you trying to do? What is not working as you wanted?

In Rhino, Untrim works differently. Here the component works somehow incorrectly. I see cutting where the surface is simple? And after Scale everything looks right.

Please, post examples (picture or rhino file) of what you would expect from grasshopper.
Be more specific.

Both is working perfectly the same to me…

Well, the result is generally correct, but the display is strange. Why does the green surface not reach its edges?

What makes you think it should?

On your screen, everything looks right. In my case, GH incorrectly displays the surface.

Must be so. Otherwise, the result is confusing when viewing. :roll_eyes:

where is the problem exactly?

Surface is displayed incorrectly.

how ? can you show this

See the difference?
GH shows the first picture, and correctly show the second picture.