UnTrim of pre-selected - Broken on SR10

It seems the UnTrim of pre-selected surfaces is not working as of the 10/1 update. This is a total bummer!

Please fix.


I don’t see this feature request on our issue tracking system. Have you requested this in the past?

Any, I’ve a new wish list item based on your comment.


It’s not a request! It used to work and now it’s broken!

@rajaa, any ideas?

I can confirm that, I still have SR9 installed on one of my machines, and UntrimAll, UntrimHoles and UntrimBorder all work with preselected surfaces, whereas in the SR10 RC they do not, the surfaces are deselected when you start the command.


Thanks Mitch!

Rajaa? Dale?

Thanks for the report… I am looking into it.

Awesome. Thanks!

Fixed. You should see the change in the next SR10 RC.