Unset value for RefitTolerance of Sweep2

In V5, V6, and the WIP, when -Sweep2's RefitTolerance is set, it appears that the value is stored as Unset when the command completes:

  • When -Sweep2 is run again, RefitTolerance doesn’t display a value even though Simplify defaults to Refit.
  • When Sweep2 (GUI) is run afterward, Refit cross sections within's text field is set to -1.23432101234321e+308.

On the other hand, when Refit cross sections within is set in the GUI Sweep2, that value becomes the default in both the GUI and macro Sweep2.

Hello - I do not see this here so far.



I just discovered that this occurs when setting the value in one entry, such as RefitTolerance=0.001, as opposed to clicking RefitTolerance then entering the value. In either case, RefitTolerance will display the same value for the duration of the command. When the entering the value in one entry, the sweep will be created the same as when Simplify=None.

Thanks, I can repeat this.