Unselecting subelements

With Rhino7 I would often use Ctrl+Shift to select subelements, and then Ctrl click on an element to deselect all the selected sub elements of that element at once. But with Rhino8 this no longer functions in the same way and I can only deselect sub elements directly.

For example, in this snip, I’ve selected all these subelements. I want to deselect all the subelements of the element on the left. Previously, I could ctrl click that element and I was good to go, but now that no longer deselects all the sub elements.

Is there a way to change this setting?

Hi Kyle - you can ctrl-crossing select the selected sub-objects to de-select.


That would work in some cases, but is less useful in examples like the snip I posted where we have coincident edges between the two elements. In fact, most times I would want the previous functionality are cases where I select more than I need precisely because of coincident or close edges. So, in my use at least, deselecting with ctrl-crossing is rarely useful

Maybe I will have to change my workflow to isolate elements first before I subselect, and then unhiding the other stuff before continuing on. It just adds extra steps and makes the workflow a little clunkier.

Ok not sure why it wasn’t working as expected before, but it is now. Carry on!