UnrollSrf group with curves


I found a script on a forum that unrolls multiple surfaces. It works great except for grouped objects.

The curves that are grouped to the surfaces won’t unroll with the surfaces.

Any ideas?

UnrollMulti.rvb(1.2 KB) Test-3d stringers.3dm(1.0 MB)

The script just runs the UnrollSrf command.

Hi Thomas,

I often need this functionality as well, yet I never came to scripting it.
So I initially wanted to edit the script you posted, yet it was not structured in a useable way.

Here is my script version I wrote from scratch though: wd_UnrollMultipleGrouped.rvb(3.4 KB)

Note that Unrolling is doen with the options: Explode=No Labels=No
To change this in the script, open it in notepad (or alike) and change the No to Yes to your liking

str = "_UnrollSrf Explode=No Labels=No Enter"

Please double check results (initially) the script is presented as-is use is at your own risk.


Thanks! I will give it a try and keep you posted!

It works great! Many thanks!

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