UnrollSrf Failed Help


I am doing a project need Unroll lots of surface. But when i did this , there is a gap appeared in the result.

The small gaps is at 0, 6, 8, 9
Just wondering why this happened. Is it because the geometey?

Is there any solution for this?

Manythanksunroll.3dm (86.6 KB)

You didn’t attach a file, but I suspect your quads are not planar. If that is the case, the unrolled edges will be slightly curved, which is what looks like is happening in you image. Perhaps you can post a sample file with the 3D object before unrolling so someone can verify…


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Thanks Mitch

I am going to upload the file now

Mitch was correct. The quad sides are warped and not planar so they unroll with curved edges. Note that if you try building this shape from sheet material the sides would need to be stretched or shrunk to go from flat to warped.

If you rebuild each quad side as two triangles with a common edge the shape should unroll without gaps.

Thanks David:)