Unrolling - tube along lines

Hi again,

I have a problem with unrolling tube sections of my tube, which is built along a closed line consisting of several straight lines. The problem is based in the built of each tube section. The are only built up to the cross section/end of its line. The missing piece to get an elliptical/closed crossing is added as an separate surface. Like this the unrolling is unnecessarily complex.

I never experienced this in V4. Are there any controls to influence the corners built?.


How are you creating the tube sections - Pipe command?

Yes, I normally use the pipe command for this.

I just figured out, that there is still the problem I had before. It just got nastier… If I try to built a structure like in the picture,

the diameter changes slightly from section to section. As said before, this is an important step in my workflow and I don’t understand why this is so different to V4.

Any ideas?

Hi Moritz - I’ve tried to more or less reproduce the situation in your image - so far it looks OK to me- what am I looking for?
PipeTest.3dm (173.0 KB)


Hi Pascal,
you are right. The test file seems fine. (Still having the initial problem from my 1st post, this thread was actually meant for)

I did a lot of other structures without any problems. But this particular shape causes trouble and I don’t know why. As long as I don’t find the reason I can’t trust the tool and need to check every tube, piece by piece.

I attached the structure and center line from the pictures. Hope you find something!
pipe test_Moritz.3dm (491.3 KB)

It looks to me like the file tolerance is the problem - lowering it enough to allow the miters also messes up the radii. I see that V4 gets is more or less right - only missing one miter, at the curve seam point, and not all of them, at a more reasonable tolerance. I do not know if this can be tuned up to work at least as well as in V4.



Ok, thanks a lot for your time and efforts. I will try out different tolerances and report if I find something interesting.
What do you think has the pathway of the closed line to do with the problem? There must be a coherence.

Edit: One more thing. Like mentioned in the original thread for this, if I take out one segment of the line and built the tube along all the others at once, It works with standard tolerances without any problem…

What about my initial post. Do someone has an idea why the tubes are not extruded further and cut without trimming/adding an extra surface for no use?

Thanks a lot!