Unrolling and arranging in a rectangle


I am dividing the spiral form into four quadrants and then unrolling and arranging to print. The parts seem flat and are not in a rectangular array. I’ve been at this for hours solved several issues but not quite there. Any tips on:

  1. Correcting the assembly of parts to be in a rectangular grid?

  2. Showing the numbers on the list of parts

Happy for any help.

split_arranged.gh (600.1 KB)


Have a look at this sample file.

I used a smaller and cleaner version of the spiral. Yours has a problem at the center that I suspect makes everything utterly slow (and not very unrollable).


It’s possible to use FabTools clusters though they seem much slower than equivalent components - Unroller from LunchBox and Text Dot from Elefront. I defined the grid manually along X axis for starters.

UnrollSpiral.gh (290.3 KB)

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Thanks. This is great. How can I still show the model with the numbers and arrange in a rectangular array?

Do you mind looking at this one also. The two forms are to be connected(see the picture). Do you have any suggestions?
Can I make one file or leave them separate?

split_cone_spiral.gh (533.7 KB)

The tags for the 3D spiral were present and only needed to be activated.
I changed the grid for a rectangular array with 10 columns with width and height as parameters.

The cone spiral would work exactly with the same script, though the sectionning is weird, I changed it for several cuts made along the spiral instead of horizontal planes.

If you want to make a single model with both of these you will have to choose which representation to keep because one is a flat surface, and one is a brep with thickness.
Not sure the cone will be unrollable with thickness. If this is manufactured from a flat plate, you probably only need the surface.

split_cone_spiral.gh (141.6 KB)
UnrollSpiral.gh (74.5 KB)

Thank so much.

I edited the script to remove unroll and used arrange only so as to not flatten the parts. I am trying now to arrange in the rectangular grid. I was able to increase the parts but having an issue making a rectangle array with at least 4 rows. I was able to get the parts in rectangles but in a straight line. Also I have two arrangements of parts one with numbers and the ones in the rectangles- without.

How can I number the parts in the rectangle and organize them in four rows?
Arrange Spiral.gh (341.7 KB)

Well, as said above, I’ve done that column wise…

I just switched the Extend X and Extend Y parameters to control the number of rows.

The numbering seems OK, I’ve added the bake components for both geometry and text dots.
I don’t understand what is not working for you ?.

Arrange Spiral.gh (31.5 KB)

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Awesome! Thanks so much! I have the the same issue with the advanced bake here. Do you mind looking at this please?
split_spiral_arranged_02Working file.gh (614.6 KB)


I changed the Text Dot clusters to the Elefront components and it seems to bake properly.
You can define layers, colors, etc following the same example as in Arrange Spiral.gh above.

As I notice you want to bake the outputs as groups, the option is directly available here, but you can also use the Group component if you prefer.


split_spiral_arranged_02Working file.gh (203.1 KB)

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Thanks so much for everything.