Unroll Revolved Surface

Hey, guys!

I’m trying to unroll a revolved surface but so far cannot do that with any unroll components.
Could you help me please?

Bottle_Q.3dm (643.7 KB)
Bottle_Q.gh (15.8 KB)


The surface has double curvature and cannot be unrolled into a flat surface without major distortion. That is a fundamental property of the shape, not a Rhino specific issue.

What do you want to do with the unrolled surface?

Hey, David!

Thanks for your answer!

I was about to unroll it and then put a label atop.
Well, if so, then I’ll take just a section of the surface.

Thank you!

You can try bake the surface, then try “squish” command.


Sounds good :slight_smile: Thank you, Hesro!

The cylindrical part of the bottle can be unrolled. Use isotrim to get a subsurface, then inroll will be possible.