Unroll or squish in one direction

Unroll or squish in one direction

Hi guys,
I am a new member and i work in shipbuilding…
I want to Unroll or Squish a double curved surface (ship Hull) into a certain direction without changing the length of the frames?



use squish command while PreserveBoundary=Yes.

btw…this command is …kind of … work in progress (read this article )

why respond to a 5 yr old post?

i didn’t notice at first; then i think it may be useful for others who have same problem and first search the forum instead of asking…

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I wonder too, seems to happen quite often on this forum and I find it messes things up. Wonder why old posts aren’t locked automatically after a year or so. You can always refer to an old post via a link anyways.

I’m not agree! imagine this scenario: I ask a question and nobody answer me immediately. Ricson answer that question years after that. Now…even if that answer is too late for me, it doesn’t mean it’s useless! Maybe Gijs has the same question (years after me).
Now Gijs doesn’t need to think for how to explain his problem and then wait for answer; All he needs is searching keywords. Maybe it doesn’t help 100percent but at least this could be kind of enlightening for him to better understanding his problem and make better explanation of that; So others can react him faster and more efficient.

What if you’re looking for something, and sort by Date?

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