Unroll curve along straight line

Hello folks,

I have created this shape with control point curve. I would now like to “unroll” it along that straight line BUT keep the curvature. Do you know a solution for this?

Many thanks!

You need a low poly cage, but in that case you will have to partition your curve.


Thank you for your thorough reply and steps. I lost you on CreateUVCrv though. Nothing happens when I do that. I don’t see any resulting curves. And I can’t proceed then and use PlanarSrf since the wiggly curve is open. Also my Slab looks different than yours. So not sure what to do now.


Update: This is what it looks like after CreateUVCrv and PlanarSrf of the “C”-like shape. I think I’m getting it wrong. Not sure how to proceed with FlowAlongSrf and how to get the surface straight like yours.

CreateUVCrv should deliver you one rectangular curve in the proportions shown above the last image, which you can use planarSrf on. this then will be your target surface to project your FlowAlongSrf onto. again without file to see what you did it will be difficult to help you. if you follow the exact steps i depicted above you will get to your result.

also i dont know where that qudrangular shape came from, thats not from my procedure.

After you have rebuilt the original curve as a copy, measure the length of it, draw a straight line of the same length and use Flow (not rigid).



that is of course the easier solution.