Unroll a curve to straight line

Hi there,
I made a sparate curves (frames) from a double curved surface (ship hull). Unrolling that surface in one direction is not possible for me. Thats why i want to unroll those curves in a straight line with the preservation of the same curves length?


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Unrolling a curve to a line is the equivalent of getting its length (Length command) and then drawing a line of the same length. Do you need to automate this process? Do the “unrolled” lines need to be placed somewhere in particular?


Thanks Mitch,
Actually i did that…i mean length command…but when I have hundreds curves it will cost me a long time to do it.


Yes, which is why I asked the other two questions - do you need the unrolled lines really, or just a list of lengths? If the second, in what form do you need the data - a text list, or attached to the curve and visible on the screen…?

Actually both…but unrolling curves can help me more…Also i need a list of separate lengths when I select a large numbers of curves not the total length of the all selected curves.


OK, so my question was - if you have hundreds of curves, how would you like to see the unroll results? Where should the resulting collection of lines go? How should they be related to the originals so you can see which is which? Many things are possible, but first it would be good to know what kind of result you expect… --Mitch

The best case is to see the unrolling of all curves in one surface (2d) and they all starting from one side and unrolling to the another side. The starting point of all unrolled curves (the straight lines) will stays the starting point of the curves.