Unreliable SolidUnion

How to deal with SolidUnion?
I have x number of branches containing same and almost identical set of elements (always 5, created exactly same way).
Why elements in some branches are joined while being ignored at others?

Try flattening input of union component or join brep component.

There should be X elements (the number of branches) as a final result. i don’t want to have it as a one total piece.

Brep join or union does not work if input is not flattened.

It is flattened within individual branch, see the right bottom tree.
As I wrote: with branches structure and content being identical SolidUnion is only selectively succesfull.

I think that it is needed to be flattened here

If you flatten the imput you should get one giant piece which is not my goal, but in my case it is not even performing the operation:

1. Boolean Union set is empty.
How come?

Then you need another strategy. Certainly it have some issues.

3. Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files

I know the rules, but sometimes, confidentiality is a no-go in such cases.SOLIDUNION TEST FILE.gh (144.9 KB)
I have castrated the file to the bare minimum. Try to give it a go. The sample fails as well.

Everyone has some flimsy excuse for wasting the forum’s time, either guessing without sufficient info or trying to convince someone how important it is to examine the geometry and data trees. So tiresome.

I guess it’s a rhino tolerance issue. Try to change your absolute tolerance fr 0.001 to 0.0001 and recompute(F5)in GH.

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Kim, you’re incredible. It works! Didn’t know the tolerances are so tightly connected.
Thanks a lot.