Unpredictable behavior snap (Rhino 5.0.1)

Unpredictable behavior snap (Rhino 5.0.1 Os X 10.9.5))
Randomly, snap operates abnormally. This problem occurred to me randomly in the last 3-4 versions of Rhino (also on new models newly created).
Add to be quite frustrated by the slowness in movement and rotation of models with many parts (use 3D connexion with cable), in particular, during the move, the model hangs for a couple of seconds and then resumes the movement.
This problem has occurred in the past and with the latest version and returned to recur continuously.
problem snap.mp4 (4.8 MB)

Thanks for the video, it helps to understand what you’re seeing. I know you said it’s random but as of yet, I can’t reproduce it using the same osnap settings. I also tried with a line set to a none continuous linetype thinking that might be a factor. Can you use the Export command to export the lines that are showing this error?

Tested in 5.0.1

I attach the file. Unfortunately I was unable to repeat the mistake. It is a random behavior.
line (problem snap).3dm (31.7 KB)