Unopenable file


I have a file that stopped working while I was building it. Every time I try to re-open it the rainbow wheel just spins and spins. I ran the rescue command and when I choose analyze I find no errors in the text but when I choose read only the two block instances are rescued. I am desperate to salvage as much as possible from this file. Any ideas?


What is the file size? If it’s really small then you may have lost most of it… No backups, no autosave?

Otherwise, post it here and someone will look…


Thank you for your reply.

It’s only 32MB. Unfortunately and very foolishly I hadn’t backed up for almost two weeks. Here it is, if anyone would like to take a look.

Schematic MB)


I called McNeel and they helped me recover almost all of it. Pieces of the model were coming in all over the place—like very far apart—when I used the rescue command but we were able to find them and move them all back to 0,0,0.