Unknown or unimplemented command

Hi guys, just logging problems I’ve had switching from Rhino 4 PC to Rhino 5 OSX. So these are wishlist items if they’re not already implemented, or deserving of thanks if there’s an easy solution I just missed because of unfamiliarity.

Item 9 - “unknown or unimplemented command”. In 4 this would just show up in the command line and you could keep working. In 5 it’s a dialog box that pops up and needs an OK. This isn’t a huge deal but it does add a half-second or so every time you mistype.

My personal preference is for the old command line - right now that information is sort of scattered around the screen at the top left, bottom left (and bottom right if you have History open) - which would guarantee the “unknown command” feedback got enough attention. But it seems to me that “Unknown command: hklsdhf” would still be enough in the bottom left. Hope’s the suggestion’s helpful.

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I’m just thankful to no longer be prompted twice for “unknown commands”! :smile:
I’m just thankful to no longer be prompted twice for “unknown commands”! :smile:


This behavior will stay. It has caught several errors in core Rhino that no one ever noticed in Windows Rhino because it is so easy to miss the minuscule message in Windows Rhino.

I would kindly ask you to reconsider. I find it disrupting as well and not in line with what I’m used to in Rhino for Windows. At least make it user-configurable?
Also, forcing a disruptive workflow on users because it helps with debugging the program seems a bit strange. That’s what debugging sessions and debug executables are for IMHO.

Well, this is a Work In Progress version, which is just a fancy name for a debugging version. :wink:

In the Mac version, any tool buttons or menu items that refer to missing commands are automatically removed. The only case where this dialog should appear is if you mistype a command. When that happens, press Return and try again. Anything else we want to know about. If you have some case where this occurs, tell us.

There is a lot of code that has been straight across from core Rhino, and we depend on WIP users to find the edge cases that we have not found.

I’ll log a bug to change this dialog in the release version to a system beep, but I want to leave it as it is at this point.

Gotta side with Marlin on this one. Sorry Menno…


Ah, of course during WIP this is another matter. My mistake.

@muduri or anyone who knows - a newbie (I WORK ON MAC) question re: “unknown or unimplemented command”.
I’m trying to “Boolean Difference” and it keeps asking me to enter the value. But I did not succeed to crack it.
Tried several numbers, but as I have no clue what this value refers, I keep receiving “unknown or unimplemented command” window.
This “value” been asked in other commands as well, each time I feel like in a front of a locked door.
Will be glad with any assistance on this topic.

don’t enter any value… just follow the prompts (though the prompt looks like it needs a tune up in your screenshot).

the value in this case could be the letter ‘D’ which will toggle the delete input checkbox.

the first prompt will be: "select surfaces or polysurfaces to subtract from"
so you’ll select the surface you want to subtract from then press return…

the second prompt will be: "select surfaces or polysurfaces to subtract with"
in which you’ll select the second set then return and the boolean should happen then.

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Oh, good lord!
@jeff_hammond - finally I managed to punch a hole! Saved by the “D”! Thank you so much!
Do tell me - does this “D” should be applied always in “value box”? I do recall I was asked to enter value in some other boolean operations (but may be I’m wrong).
If yes, but this letter differs - where can I get the full list of all letter to operate with?
Thanks again!

the various available letters are underlined in the command dialog per each command… using Line for example:

‘B’ for both sides… ‘N’ for normal etc… i can also enter a numerical value in this instance for length.

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