Unknown Isometric Command; Unable to Load the Rhino Labs Tool Plugin

My isometric command for the past couple days have not been working. Every time I set the view to Isometric, it says unknown command.

I checked the Options > Plug-ins > and clicked on the Rhino Labs Plugin, however, it doesn’t say YES underneath the “Loaded” section.

How do I load this plugin?

As mentioned Here:
Rhino will load plugins in two ways:

  1. When Needed (Default). Plugin will not be loaded when Rhino starts. Plugin will be loaded when a plugin defined command is run, when a user selects a plugin defined file import/export type, or if a 3DM file has user data that was created by your plugin.
  2. At Startup. Plugin is loaded when Rhino is loaded and initialized.

So it is normal for a plugin to not load unless one of its commands used.

That kind of thing can be due to a corrupted installation, try doing a “repair” on it, or reinstall.

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