Unknown command: ViewDockBar

Just installed Brazil eval in Rhino 5 eval, and I would like to try out the spherical camera to render a full 360° panorama image.

From help:

Many settings in Brazil relate to the specific camera views. These settings are available on the View dock bar (Command ViewDockBar) from the Render menu.

However, when I enter ViewDockBar in the command line, I get:

Unknown command: ViewDockBar

How do I access camera settings?

I think that’s referring to V4 or something, in V5 the that stuff is just in Rhino’s “Properties” panel, when you have nothing selected, there is a “Lens” page available for the viewport where you set that. Ditto for Depth of field.

@JimCarruthers Thanks, found it!

Note that it’s not just the help that’s out of date. When I click in the Brazil settings in the View tab on the Per-View-Settings button, then there it is again: Unknown Command

Also, I just tried selecting Spherical in the properties, but it has no effect. The rendering looks like it’s still made with the default perspective projection.

What I would like to have is an image with an equirectangular projection so that I can create a spherical panorama from it. Example of a spherical panorama, shot yesterday with my Ricoh Theta at the opening of the Karlsruhe FabLab:


Select the “Env Mapper” lens type.

Thanks, that did the trick: