University-Teaching Position CAD/Rendering/Sketches in Lucerne / Switzerland

Dear Everybody
the Design-Department of the University in Lucerne is searching a CAD / Rhino / Rendering (Keyshot) / design-sketches - lecturer / assistant professor ( german: “Dozent”).


pdf - application link might not work
Dozentin:Dozenten Produktdesign CAD & Visualisierung (20-30 %).pdf (41.8 KB)

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and then -> job Platform -> search for “Dozent CAD”

looking forward to see your application.

Do you mean associative professor, or assistant professor?
Dozent means a person who already has a doctoral degree, otherwise said - has habilitation.

the position requires a Master Degree or University-Diploma, a doctoral degree is not necessary.
Please check the official job-posting - which is the main source of information
I did not find a good translation for the german word “Dozent” - that’s why i quoted the original word.
hope that helps. best. Tom

I’ve only met a handful of people throughout my career who are really amazing at these skills and also have a masters degree. Most of them are too busy doing work and self-teaching themselves stuff way above universities’ pots-graduate school level.

I never understand why schools have these completely self-defeating requirements for industrial design fields.

Here in US is the same, so silly. No wonder most graduate are not qualified to be employable and we have to train them at work.



:rofl: That is due to your “Greek letter” system. People with guaranteed jobs spent their time in college partying. It has nothing to do with what’s taught in college/university.

btw people may be unemployable due to having shallow knowledge covering many fields. That is the case in EU education systems. Not that the students cannot learn in depth but the material to be covered is simply too much. Also professors may have preferences and important facts may be missed.

The question here is do you want to hire smart people to complain and tell you what is wrong in the way you work or hire and train dumb people without opinions?

Well, I don’t completely agree with this indictment of university education… In architecture in any case, a a bachelor’s degree is not considered “professional”, master’s degree is required in order to be able to be licensed to practice. But having or not having a degree is not an guarantee of whether you will be a good designer, architect, or computer scientist for that matter… And being a great designer does not necessarily make one a good teacher (usually the opposite).


In my field, industrial design, profound disagreement between educators and practicing professionals is nothing new. But lately it’s at really tense odds.

I think most educators will disagree with me. I think most practicing industrial designers will agree with me.

It’s a real struggle to find people with enough solID skills, even at the uber basic level of 4-years education. And people with graduate degrees are rarely any better, unless they are from cultures where everyone must go to grad school (common in Korea and China).

The problem is that most educators lack the skills they should teach, maybe mixing the talent pool in universities so people get hired based on what they know, instead of what diplomas they paid for, would be a positive step IMO.

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Like it or not, that’s due to the professions being quite different. In certain cases, an academic could be a good industrial designer, and a professional industrial designer may make a good professor, but such is not the norm.

Under the current system, typically, that’s called - adjunct professor. (Which doesn’t pay well btw)

Yeah it’s an extremely screwed up system. School bureaucrats decided that the highest skilled, best trained people should be the least paid.

The system gets the expected results. Here in the US at least, the students get shafted with overpriced and sub-par education, then they are stuck with no design job opportunities and piles of debt in student loans.

We need a new design education model.

It seems to be quite different here in Quebec.
I have quite a few industrial designer friends who teach while continuing their practices or transition in their early fifties into more teaching. Experience is as valued as diplomas for getting these teaching jobs.

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Here in France, I met many teachers who admit to being “disconnected from the world of work”

Some of them even come to work punctually with us to keep the hand.

The discussion departs a little from the announcement, but for me,
I never understood why it was not everyone’s job to become a teacher a few years before retirement in order to transmit the knowledge of each field of activity.


What a wonderful idea in a perfect world. Now back to reality…

It’s a little more complex than you describe, but still, point taken.

That is just plain wrong - a “Dozent” is mainly a person teaching at an institute of higher education. Don’t need a doctoral degree.

Broken link :frowning:

i updated the link - thanks for the note

Perhaps that is the case in your country. In mine what you describe is an assistent. Usually taking care of the lab. Dozent on the other hand requires a doctoral degree, and even that may not be enough to be able to give lectures. Even with PhD he can remain just an assistent.

In my experience the maxima those who can't do - teach... is quite true.
There are exceptions. Especially people who first practiced then got their academic degree (PhD in particular). But the people who became professors right after graduation-grad-post grad-doctoral-post doctoral (I do not quite understand all these names in the US education system). My point is if they stayed in the education system without going to practice failed to be good professors. Pure theory produces bad students.

Another concern is the lack of knowledge in professors about new technologies.
I had professors who didn’t know what Autocad is. And could not accept me creating drawings in scale 1:1 in model space :rofl:

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maybe thats because PhD in Bulgaria is probably worth a Bachelor in other Countries :wink::face_with_hand_over_mouth:

I’d say Bachelor is worth more than it is in other countries, considering the amount of knowledge one requires, and becoming PhD is also not that easy.
But hey, it all depends on the professors. (for better or worse)

Unfortunately, I could not finish my PhD, as I had to relocate to Germany :frowning:

and you would have needed that because you wanted to become an asstistant :upside_down_face:

but anyway, wo ein wille ein weg.

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No I wanted for a sake of it because I deserve it I’m :crazy_face: (crazy) enough