Unity@Rhino™ - Connecting Unity to Rhino

**Unity@Rhino™ **is a plug-in connecting Rhino3D® and Unity® gaming development platform.

The plug-in supports export of 3D model geometry from Rhino to Unity enabling users to have first person 3D shooter game like experience while using a Rhino created model as the 3D environment.

Main features:

  • Export of 3D model geometry with materials and textures from Rhino to Unity@Rhino.

  • Manipulation of the resulting 3D model in a similar fashion to a 3D first-person shooter game.

  • Generation of a stand-alone executable package for viewing the exported Rhino model in a three-dimensional representation that requires neither Rhino or Unity installations.

  • Selection of objects for walking through (e.g.windows and doors).

Unity@Rhino is compatible with Rhino 5 for Windows.

Download Uniti@Rhino from food4Rhino…

Posted Feb 18, 2016 by Cécile Lamborot on Rhino News, etc.

This link no longer works. Is the plug in dead?

And what it isn’t available?