Units, snap, grid


is there any limitation of units, snap, grid for rhino to work correctly?

I am having difficulty applying all fillet commands.

Could it be that I’m using the units in the wrong way?

how is it used correctly?


Hello - can you describe what is not working?


the fillet commands
after applied the object is unrecognizable

I’m using the preset: large objects: centimeters

Hello - I can only guess, without an example, but my guess is that the command you are asking about is not Fillet, but FilletEdge and that possibly edge selected has a radius that is the same or smaller than the radius of the fillet, or possibly the face in the polysurface is too small to accommodate the fillet.


If the object is extremely far from the origin of the scene, Rhino may have problems with accuracy due to the limitation of the 32-bit coordinates. 64-bit coordinates don’t have that problem.

can these errors in the fillet occur when the object is too small?

millimeters ?

As Pascal said, these errors can occur if there are issues with the surfaces.
Apart from that, when the size of features (such as edges) is too close to the document tolerance, you will start getting problems. Your features should be at least one order of magnitude bigger than the document tolerance.

why is there tolerance?
can i change it without problems?

Hello - Understanding Tolerances [McNeel Wiki]

But, if you post a file with your object, and the desired radii, someone can probably help sort out the confusion…


is there any risk of error if i set the tolerance with greater precision?