Uniting Two Close Polysurfaces

In the attached file I have two a pair of closed polysurfaces (bottom) that I would like to join to form one polysurface (top).

I created the copy one by exploding and slicing and joining

But, is there a simpler way?

Problem Unite.3dm (3.0 MB)

Hello - BooleanUnion works here. If. instead, you want a miter, split with a vertical plane and delete the short bits.

With MergeAllFaces applied:


I tend to draw the miter like so:

// Rolf

Because I had to do a number of these, I took the miter approach. Because the sides are not vertical, a straight line would not work. Instead, I had did an intersect and drew a poly line alone the corners of the resulting box then used that polyline to split.


you can use booleanSplit first, delete what you want and then boolean union and mergeallfaces.