Unit Z component

Is it me or the unit (z) component here is acting counter intuitively? Instead of just giving you point z portion of the xyz coordinate it converts the x coordinate into a z value. I was so confused as to why it was showing weird values. Is there any applications as to why it has done that way?



Jonas Blazinskas

use deconstruct point component to get the z coordinate.

Yeah I figured that now, but it’s just a bit bizarre that unit Z functions like that? If there is no reason as to why it functions like that, it should spit out an error or even go with the intuitive option of listing you the Z value of the point.

this component is for drawing a vector on the z direction and takes a factor( number) as vector amplitude, not for calculating the z coordinate of a point.

But why does it take in a Cartesian coordinate and picks the first value of it? Instead of picking up the Cartesian coordinate that it lines up with? Or giving an error if that is too much to ask?

It isn’t. What it is doing is applying a multiplier to the unit z vector. If you investigate you will see that the multiplier is the length of the vector you are feeding into it, not the x component value.


ohhhhhh yeah the values were so close… Yeah thats true! I see how that could be useful!

Apologies as I seem to misread your reply here, you did explain the amplitude here but I overlooked it!

no worries ! regards

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