Union boolean failed

When, in Rhino, you can perform a Boolean union of this kind? (with elements tangents)
Union Boolean failed.3dm

Thanks. I’ve added this to the developer’s pile of surface/surface intersection bugs.

i’m not sure if this really matters regarding the boolean (but you can see the problems when trying to Intersect) … these object though aren’t actually tangent or intersecting in a way davide (probably) assumes they are…

I was able to make your part with the use of the Intersect, Extend, Pull, Trim and Join commands. Nothing all at once. It was pretty tedious. The Booleans do not work in a lot of cylindrical intersection cases, and this does need to be tuned up. I assumed that you wanted all the pipes to be the same diameter.


reporting here a strange behavior in the example below:

Hi, violine,
It always helps to post a model. We really can’t tell what the problem is from a picture like this.

Hi Margaret, I’m sorry, here’s the model:
BooleanUnion fail , if copied it works.3dm(39.8 KB)

The following one fails in all cases:
Sample file:BooleanUnion fail.3dm(56.2 KB)
Sample image:

well, that is quite a mess of overlapping surfaces. Much simpler to just assemble them at the curve stage using CurveBoolean and extrude as one solid.

Definitely… You will also often have trouble with curved surfaces that are tangent or near-tangent, such as where your “inner” and “outer” cylinder sections touch.