Unify normals in separate meshes

Hi everyone

I created separate meshes with the Weaverbirds component, But when I tried to extrude them, I realized that their normal directions are different. Some of them point inside and the others point outside.Could you please help me to unify them?
I can’t join meshes, because I need them separately and There is also a very small distance between them.


Mesh.gh (24.4 KB)

The other mesh I created for you wasn’t so nice. Mesh from Tesselation creates a nicer division.

mesh_dome.gh (27.6 KB)

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Thank you so much.No, the previous mesh was great. In fact, this code is part of a structural code. For one part of the code, I need an integrated mesh, and for the other part, I have to create a small gap between the segments and then create meshes. So I used offset to create the gap and then I used weaverbird to create meshes.
But when I did it, the normal directions became different. So now I’m looking for a way to unify them.

Have you tried the mesh window or pictureframe components, both parts of Weaverbird…

You can do it on the mesh generated in my file above

Yes, but when I use these components, each segment is divided into several parts. While I need an Continuous segment. I also need to control the number of the subdivision.