Uniformly Offsetting Curves on Non-Planar Surfaces for CNC Cutting

  • “Could someone please help me with a Grasshopper issue I’m experiencing?”

I’m working on a project that involves CNC cutting multiple complex geometric shapes. To facilitate fabrication, I’ve divided each shape into smaller sub-shapes and labeled them sequentially for ease of assembly. However, I’m encountering difficulties in uniformly offsetting curves inside non-planar surfaces using Grasshopper. This uneven offsetting makes it challenging to accurately filter out short lines and label the sub-shapes effectively.

I’m seeking guidance on how to achieve uniform offsetting of curves on non-planar surfaces. Additionally, I’d appreciate suggestions for efficiently labeling the sub-shapes while adhering to the sequential order and ensuring that the labeling doesn’t extend beyond the boundaries of each main piece.

offset and labeling doubt.gh (5.3 KB)
offset and labeling doubt.3dm (521.8 KB)