Uniform vertex indices across model problem?

Hi, I am having a problem selecting the same vertex in every hex cell at the same time, I have noticed that they don’t have the same indices, so how I can make indecis to be uniform across the model like on the sketch, and i need to use Triangle Panels b and Dual Graph components?

Vhex.gh (16.0 KB)

Assuming you have control about each hexagon. You can sort like this:

  • Average all 6 vertices to get a center

  • get the topmost point, by sorting out by z

  • Create a plane at the center point in a way that the local x axis is pointing to the topmost point

  • Create circle

  • Sort Along curve

  • Shift the list for one index

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This is almost the same method as @TomTom said except using the planes from your original surface.

Vhex_re.gh (21.3 KB)

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You can also use this method by finding the minimum Z value, choose their points and shift lists of the original points than you can change the start point as you want


Vhex2.gh (20.7 KB)

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So awesome, thank you guys! every solution did the trick =)