Uniform circle packing with slight circle deformation?

Using Daniel’s CirlcePackOnSurface_Pull definition to get a limited number of large circles on a small curved surface… that intersect. That is impossible in this scenario, so I gather, I can get close but never actually touch all circles.

This is for a physical prototype I’m making for class, I’d like to connect all the circle intersections. I’m thinking an interesting solution might be to deform the circles slightly, it wouldn’t be that much, and I think the look would be rather uncanny/interesting.

Below outlines the issue and the result I’m looking for, what would a good approach be? The intersections wouldn’t have to be exactly at those points, they could be whatever two are closest on a DivideCurve, a mid point between those two points could replace both points and the rest of the circle could interpolated from the unaffected divided points? If that even makes sense? I still learning.

CPOS Modified.gh (69.6 KB)