Unified Skin in Grasshopper

I use a tool called “Unified Skin” in ZBrush. Is there a similar tool in the Rhino Universe like Kangaroo? I have seen Kangaroo “shrink wrapping” but this isn’t quite what I am looking for. I don’t want it to fill holes, for example.

Have you tried Weaverbird tools?


Thanks for the tip!

Sounds like you might be looking for an isosurfacing approach, in which case you could try dendro https://www.food4rhino.com/app/dendro

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@DanielPiker I need a tool that is supported with ShapeDriver, so Weaverbird is ideal.

@DanielPiker I stand corrected: Dendro is also supported by ShapeDriver. It also looks like a better solution than weaverbird.