Unhiding clipping plane causes file freeze

Hi Guys,

Using the clipping plane on a regular basis but sometimes when I hide the plane and then unhide it, the file freezes. This file does it all the time.

Not sure what to do to prevent crashing? I hope you can help.

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I could not get it figured out in V5 either, but it opened in V6 WIP just fine.
I saved it back as a V5 file and it seems fine again.
160405_3D_Fixed.3dm (10.3 MB)

BTW - Because you have your isocurves turned off, you can’t tell how badly parameterized your twisted green parts are. I don’t think this is related to the unknown problem.

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Thanks a lot John! What characterizes a very badly parameterized surface?

Old Topic but still no solution/cause or?

Not sure if you noticed when unhiding in top view everything is fine. When switching from Top to Perspective you get the freeze.