Unfolding/unwrapping curves

Hi all,

I’m running into a bit of a problem. I was given a faulty stl file to redraw identically. (no 3dm) The piece is a necklace/Chocker. With a kind of wiggle pattern going all the way around. I extracted wire frame in order to use outlines as a benchmark to redraw from, however this set of curves forms an arc and in order to draw over it properly, I would need to flatten it (please report to picture attached for visuals).

I’ve tried a bit of everything without success. Would anyone have an idea of how I might be able to do this? Or am i tackling this problem in the wrong way?

ps: these curves were extracted from a stl file so they have countless amount of control points.

Thanks for any input.



Well, you could draw a circle in the top view the approximate diameter of the object, you probably want the circle seam at the “top” (on the Y axis). Then measure the circumference of the circle and draw a horizontal line the same length somewhere. Then use Flow to flow the curve objects from the circle to the line. That will more or less “unroll” the necklace straight - although the curves will still not be flat/planar. Then you will probably just need to put them on a locked layer for reference and start remodeling using the curves as a guide. Looks like maybe create a nice spline as a centerline, and then Pipe to re-create the wiggle.


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Worked like a charm thank you very much for your prompt and precise reply.