Unexpected scroll wheel behaviour


A couple of times now I’ve found, inexplicably, that the scroll wheel starts to change the angle of the viewport camera rather than zooming in and out.

The first time this happened, it corrected itself very quickly. This time, it seems stuck on the incorrect behaviour.

This is with the last V6 beta.


That’s odd. I’ve never seen that before.
Does this happen in one specific viewport in one file, or do you see this in all files?
It sounds to me like a corrupted viewport in a single file but that’s just a guess.

No, it’s happened on two separate files.

Edit: here is a video of it happening. It’s hard to show, but all the time the view is rocking back and forth is with the scroll wheel. The zooming in and out was only when holding a modifier key down at the same time.

But not all files, right?
My point is what ever the issue is seems to be in a file and not in the application.
That sends us down the fix-the-problem-in-the-file path.

They were probably both in an imported file, either 3DS or OBJ. Certainly that one above is of a freshly imported 3DS file.

Run the “4view” command in those files twice, then ZEA.
This will delete your existing viewports and replace them with default new ones.

Does that restore expected behavior?

I’ve seen this too - but not in the latest betas and SR candidates.


This is in the latest (last) beta that I’m having this issue.