Unexpected result using pulling points

Could any of you help me what could be the reason of the unexpected result : ?

The 6th 3D edge-segment is not pulling the points of the line-ends like the other five 3D segments.

I have tried to join the 6 3D curves and pull the points of the line-ends, but unfortunately wiht the same (not expected) result.

Many thanks in advace!

I can’t tell just from this screenshot, but if you post the file I can take a look.

Thank you for your reply!

Here is the Grasshopper file:

2018-02-27_pom.gh (431.8 KB)

Is it a good ide to include the five “Windows” first rotated to semiparalell position (to the rooforientation), and during the calculation rotating them back to the original position? (2 of them nead to be nearly in vertical position )

Ah, I see there are a lot of plugins here that I don’t have installed and it’s a fairly complex definition - so I didn’t dig through the whole thing.

My guess is that maybe somewhere the wrong points are being selected to pull to the curve?
I would also recommend trying this with the current version of Kangaroo - it handles the point indexing better.