"Unexpected error occurred" while starting Rhino8 WIP

I’ve recently registered for Rhino8. However, when starting up, I’m getting the message of an Unexpected error: “The request to MvNeel’s license servers resulted in a server error”.

Hi Leen -
Searching for that specific error only hits situations where there were problems with the Cloud Zoo license server. This appears to be working fine here and now. Can you confirm that you are still having this issue - perhaps after a reboot of the machine?

Hi Wim,
Thank you for your respons. I restarted my computer. However, that doesn’t help. Again I get the same window. After Cancel, I entered the E-mail and got the message back that my account “has a license ready to use”.

I’ve just solved the problem, but not the issue. However, I removed the app an reinstalled Rhino 8 WIP. It works weel now.
Thanks, Leen

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