Unexpected error between Rhino.inside and Bifocals plugin

Hey, I have found an unexpected error between Rhino.inside and Bifocals plugin. It may also confused other users.

Is it because of some potentiel conflict inside their code?
If opening the gh file directly, the material component works, but if I add the Bifocals component, the material component turned red.

revit-materials.ghx (913.6 KB)

Interesting, I’ll see if i can replicate.

Sunglasses is an alternative, which i haven’t seen a conflict. Sunglasses | Food4Rhino

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So stunning image

Later I realized that I blamed Bifocals wrong. After opened the script, any new component will cause the red error.
If I understand well, it is because the script will be rerun again after adding new component, but the revit material has already been created.

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