UndoCPlane and RedoCPlane button

Hi @pascal,

it seems that the button in the CPlanes toolbar to undo / redo are referencing two unknown commands. I guess the button command should be changed to:

_CPlane _Undo
_CPlane _Redo

I’ve not listed the nested symbol in front of the command, as both seem not to work anymore during other commands, eg. when i am within the creation of a polyline.


Hi @clement,
The toolbar button seems to be working on my end.

The strange thing is that even though the RMB command string doesn’t have the nesting prefix, it still works to use RMB in mid-command (I used Line).

Hi @wim,

not sure why my toolbars are not updated, i got this one loaded:


The buttons looked like this:

If i use the LMB Command, i get this:

Command: 'UndoCPlane
Unknown command: 'UndoCPlane

When i change it as in your pic above and use it while drawing a line, it does not work:

Command: _Line
Start of line ( BothSides  Normal  Angled  Vertical  FourPoint  Bisector  Perpendicular  Tangent  Extension ):
End of line ( BothSides ): '_CPlane
CPlane origin <0.000,0.000,0.000> ( All=No  Curve  Elevation  Gumball  Object  Rotate  Surface  Through  View  World  3Point  Undo  Redo ): Undo
No CPlane to undo.
End of line ( BothSides ):

It works outside of a command though.


Ha, don’t jump to conclusions (-:
It could be that mine is not updated. I never use toolbars and am not the one to notice if things don’t work with those…

I am slighty concerned that i may miss new buttons or changes in the workspace :worried:


Hi Clement - run ToolbarReset, restart Rhino, and see how things look. Any better?


Thanks @pascal, it works, i now see a few new buttons which where not there before. The workspace loaded is still:


not sure why this is the case, i deliberately did not change anything in the WIP’s workspace to see new tools added.


Hi Clement - I know… it is not really too clear what users should do - resetting the toolbar unpacks a new one from the latest download and replaces default.rui. (Which is why you should rename default.rui files if you modify them). Installing does not replace the default. rui file…


@pascal, thanks i will remember that once i start importing my own toolbars.