Undo takes forever!

Latest WIP.
Undo takes forever in the most simple cases. 13 seconds! As you can see I am working with some attached files from worksession. By the way, I decided to create Worksession to smooth my work. Attached models contain meshes with a lot of textures in separate materials.
It is really hard to work…

Any details you need to help you finding the problem?

I am afraid that I can’t send you the file.

Even without Worksession problem with Undo action still occurs. Rhino WIP 7.0.20105.12495 stutters badly. I have sent my file to the tech@mcneel.com

Your video looks smooth to me. No stuttering I can see.
I can’t find anything specifically wrong in your file either.

Please run the SystemInfo command and post the results.
How many monitors are you running and at what resolutions?

I suspect these problems are symptoms of display adapter or driver problems, but that’s just a guess.

It is tricky to show, it stutters just after operation, I am trying to wiggle the camera instantly but I can’t.

I am using a laptop screen at 1080p and monitor at 1440p.

I was using the latest Nvidia drivers but I see that recently they published new ones.

That ll looks fine to me for drivers, etc.
What happens if you disconnect the external monitor and boot up with just the laptop screen.
With only 4GB VRAM for each monitor (minimum), you look like you’re using a lot of image files and may be beating the crap out if the GeForce card.

I tested on a laptop screen. small file - works fine, but now small file also works fine on a big screen…
Ok, nevermind with the small file. Worksession works bad, that is constant.

I have a lot of trouble with this project, there is another thread:

I decided to go with worksession because I have a pretty big file with surroundings. I am trying to work on small, fast to save file (the one I’ve sent to tech).
In my worksession I attach file which consists 2600 materials, 3000 meshes (1,5 milion poly total).

I must admit that in the viewport most of the time it works fine.
So although it works smooth (FPS wise) it can interfere with Undo, Redo, CopyToClipboard?

Here I am in my big file.
Please take a look at how long it takes to copy to clipboard simple extrusion.

I think it’s pretty clear, you are overtaxing your hardware.
Any chance you can increase the VRAM?
Maybe reduce the number or resolution of the images?

Blocks and Worksessions keep file sizes smaller but they do not save on the system resources needed to display all of that stuff.

Uh, I had no clue that Undo, Redo have anything to do with VRAM. Sorry to hear that. :frowning:
Task Manager didn’t show any vram bump whatsoever. Also, it is strange that it works the same even if everything is hidden.

I have 8GB, that is not that small quantity. Even RTX 2080 has the same amount. No chance for me to get anything like Titan or something from Quadro series.

I think you’re dealing with compounded problems in this file.

Undo memory is different.
That’s in Options > General:

You are carving memory out that would otherwise be used for modeling calculations.

Although I cranked it up to 16GB, restarted Rhino, it still takes that long to copy an extrusion/make undo/redo. On the exit, I see this (which I see very rare in Rhino).


Like granddad used to say,
“Yup, that’s a big truck, but you’re still gonna need two trips.”

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Ok, thanks for your time.
I will try to optimize my file or split it further and load smaller parts.

Textures are 256x256 px, so the only way to go is deleting part of beautiful Milan, sigh.