Undo/Redo inside command

Hi all,

I was testing command features into the WIP and I found something that seems is not working fine. When youre inside of a command and the user does a CTRL+Z(Undo) the command line prints “_Undo” and it doesn’t close the command. This is nice if you have a command line option “Undo” because it’s going to be detected inside the command itself.

Despite of that, the “Redo” shortcut is not working in the same way since it cancels the command and after that seems it’s calling the Rhino “Redo”. Does this makes sense? In my point of view Undo/Redo should be called in the way “Undo” does right now, to allow the developers to put it as a command Option. I attach a picture of the command line.


Hi Carlos - Redo does have a ‘!’ in front on the toolbar button. It might be OK to remove that but off hand I can’t think of a command that has Redo at the command line where doing so would help… Undo works inside a command if there is an Undo available - like in the Curve command, but it does nothing if not. Am I understanding your comments correctly?


Hi Pascal,

Yes, in fact I was curious why they didn’t work in the same way. We have a command with similiar workflow to the Curve one and we added Undo as an option, then the Redo came up and I was taking a look at it. We are deciding if it’s useful to the user in our case.