Undo preferences in Mac

Hi, have another question.
I cannot track down the Undo preferences on Mac Rhino, to alter the amount of Undo’s.
Can you help?


afaik Rhino saves all your steps till you use ClearUndo or till you close the file. working forever without saving that can also slow down working i assume. not sure how rhino works but i suspect more main memory will help you there but it might also be that at some point rhino just saves the steps on the hard drive which would explain why certain undo steps become slow to recall.

I see, so effectively there is no way of setting the amount of undo’s.
The tutorial I am following, is PC based and probably an older version of Rhino.


well yes its inviting to think that limiting the undo steps was a necessity to keep the resources in tact at times when we had only 1 or 2 gb main memory or even less. but technology evolved and mac rhino is based on newer ideas i believe so all that may have led to gapping this part out. of course its all highly speculative what i am talking but logically it might make sense.

but i am curious now why would you want to limit it at all?

I didn’t want to limit it, the tutorial showed that you could I wanted to find out where that was in the program. Clearly no longer exists, which answers my question

yes ic, but what was the explanation of that tutorial regarding its purpose if i may ask? if there was any i mean

No explanation given, though I assumed it was that if you want to use less memory use less Undo’s.
There was a Megabyte limit next to the number of Undo’s option also.
So I imagine it was an older version of Rhino and that’s when they needed the option. In fact I recall the tutorial advising never having more than 40 or so undo’s.